Monday, January 17, 2011

Journey with MAKNA

I’m in process learning

Second day I’m with MAKNA volunteers. Early morning me and mama gie off from Setapak Jaya to YouthPOD (patient of driven) program under privileged children and place outstation where volunteers staying. In youthPOD we did voluntarily clean the place to keep them tidy and suitable for stay over.  Actually there was a little bit emotion from mama’s face because those volunteers who stay on not take care the house with fully responsible. Who will be responsible if any virus that affects their life health?  It is not mama, me or other person instead themselves who responsible for their life. It’s possible to do voluntarism work if our body is not fit.

After everything finished, we take off to Cyberjaya. For thousand times I heard the same words from mama is “Process Learning”. It is like vaccination in my head and mind. Through her eyes, I can see a honest person that I ever met in my life. Such a strong woman by sharing happiness in every journey she went to. I’m quite jealous to her; I want to do something that won’t make me tired to do the same work everyday by making people to smile, laughing and share some a little tiny happiness in every face. Just imagine that, make me happy.

Other than words “Process Learning” that I had to hear, two important song that makes me inspired are “Teman Terima Kasih by Zawazi” and “Di Setiap Nafasku by Zawazi”. Those songs have been stay in my heart. I’m learning how to become a respectful person in every second of my life. I’m learning how to grateful in everything that I have. I’m learning how to share the little happiness in my face. I’m learning to love everybody by not looking down to others. It’s such a wonderful feeling that I had figure out by this journey. If somebody ask me what is the more important things in your life? Now I can answer those question with my fully heart, by making people happy. Thank you very much to MAKNA to the great opportunity brought me to a great journey.

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