Monday, January 17, 2011

Journey with MAKNA

The first decision that I had made
Today, 12 October 2010, I am gustania from Indonesia who pursue my study in Multimedia University cyberjaya, Malaysia. For the first time I decided to joint MAKNA (Majelis Kanser National) to became one of their volunteer. I was really nervous don’t know what to do and how to get their office. In rush decision I took cab from Cyberjaya to jalan Ampang kuala lumpur and cost me amount RM40. Just wondering is it worth to spend RM40 instead take bus or train with more adventure experience? I just let it go through next experience during my journey with MAKNA later.
Once I reach in office MAKNA, I met abang Zul, one of the volunteers in MAKNA since 2008 and now doing his internship in MAKNA. I’m really sure he had a lot of experiences working with MAKNA whatever it is such as office work, volunteers meeting, home visit, technical and many more.  Actually, I have a lot of question in my head. Why I need to meet Zul? Who is he? What am I going to do? Well, it is nice to meet him; maybe later I can learn something from his experiences.
Around 11.30am, I started to learning and doing some administrative work such as key in data, photocopy, printing, sending letters to volunteers. It was a new experienced and I feel great about it. I never thought that I would do such work and feel very excited. I remember mama gie (senior volunteers) always told me about process learning and whatever kindness you did, it will give good outcome as well. I just want to do the best that I can contribute.
After such a long hours doing some work in office, me, mama, and three others volunteers meet at Setiawangsa. We are dinner together while discuss some of next project MAKNA to do the next day in Johor. A day had past and closed with stay overnight in mama’s son house at Setapak Jaya.

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