Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Exam Week!

Assalamu Allaikum,

I was forgot that i had my blog. Long time no see "My Incredible Life". Thank you to Kak Lia, She make me to remember to you. She passed by my status and trying to click the link, but it couldn't open since i was not completed to write down the link.

Well, what i want to say is Good Luck to All my friends, whose having Exam. I know you can do it my friends.

During Exam week, this below will always happen to me:

1. Eat more
2. Pimples more
3. Library become my boyfriends more than 12 hours spend with
4. Gain more Kg
5. Flu
6. Crazy + Stress!

But I'm quit happy, This is my last exam, Hope no more exam! Because my last semester before do my internship. My final year life in university before take one step further.

Last semester! Last semester! I'm happy but I'm sad in the same time.
this sem quit memorable for me. I have too much friends that love me.
Hope I'm not gonna be apart from them. I love you friends. Thank you for being my friends. YOU really accept me just the way I am. I'm Really GLAD that you are my friends

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